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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can a church, pastor, Christian ministry or individual utilize only those portions of the services provided in APN Benefits as they might desire without an obligation or expectation to utilize all services that could apply?

    2. Yes. There is no obligation to use all or nothing. Individuals, Pastors, churches and organizations can choose those benefits that are most helpful.

    3. How can an interested church pastor or person get more information about a particular service? Is there a person he/she could call?

    4. Each benefit package lists a contact person that can be called or emailed with questions.

    5. What types of life insurance are available through APN Benefits for church or Christian ministries?

    6. APN Benefits offers a full range of life insurance.

    7. Is supplemental insurance available for cancer through APN Benefits?

    8. Please see above.

    9. Does APN Benefits/Gallagher provide advice or policy direction in case of a security incident on church property?

    10. Yes, Gallagher offers strategy and protocol on how to respond in the event of a security incident.

    11. Can APN Benefits provide direction of volunteer background checks in compliance with specific and unique state laws?

    12. Yes, APN Benefits offers needs analysis and individual state requirements as well as links to procurement services.

    13. Can APN Benefits provide counsel on such things as setting up retirement plans, cafeteria style health benefit plans, cost-sharing health care plans, and the full range of liability insurances from property casualty, automobile, key-man, travel, missionary trip or event liability insurance?

    14. Yes, these are the core services of the APN/Gallagher partnership.

    15. Who is Gallagher and what do they do?

    16. Since 1972, Gallagher has specialized in serving ministries-places of worship, schools, social services agencies, and other activities that the faith based community supports. Evolving over time from traditional property, casualty insurance, and benefits brokers and consultants to today- where captives, alternative risk financing, and a compendium of services enables Gallagher's Religious Practices to be a comprehensive and trusted partner. To find out more, visit Gallagher's website at: www.ajg.com.

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